Profound Exercise

Profound partnership

Profound Exercise is shaped by the close cooperation of volunteer fire brigades and water rescue teams. During the execution of the project fire brigades are responsible for flood protection activities, water rescue organizations conduct the tasks related to water rescue in trainings and exercises.

Budapest Firefighter Association (BTSZ) | Hungary

As Firefighters’ Association, BTSZ is deeply embedded in both the volunteer community and the national Disaster Management stakeholder network in Hungary. Caring deeply about the future of rescue and firefighting activities in the country, BTSZ brings together volunteers and professionals, and regularly assists volunteer response assets with capacity development. Individuals involved in the organisation have long lasting experience in a wide range of fields.

As consortium leader, BTSZ experts coordinate and manage the project activities, and supervise the work of the Technical Expert Group.

Brestovec Municipality & Volunteer Firefighters | Slovakia

Brestovec is deeply involved in flood response activities with their personnel and equipment. Volunteer fire fighters have an important role to supplement the national capacities, while their local knowledge are often crucial for effective response operations.

However, their involvement in Host Nation Support could be important, members of the brigades are mostly trained in technical skills. The fire brigades from the region have experiences in training delivery, and their existing partnerships and own infrastructure are available to accommodate trainings of the project.

Multisalva Special Rescue Team | Romania

Members of Multisalva are well-trained volunteers, who carry out activities in numerous rescue fields, providing support to governmental organizations in water rescue, technical and rescue scuba diving, flood response, aerial rescue services.

Sonar Diver and Rescue Team | Hungary

Sonar, officially known as the Upper-Tisza Diving and Rescue Association is qualified by national certification directive of Hungary for special rescue operations. The capabilities are rescue in surface, from caves, from water, from under the water and aerial operations (by powered paragliders and drones).

Sonar was awarded the “Rescue Organization of the Year 2017” after serving 10 years successfully as a volunteer organization. The Association is the contracted founder of the Volunteer Rescue Group of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, with more than 50 members and significant capabilities in various fields of rescue operations.

Sonar and Multisalva have been working together for more than 10 years. Both water rescue organizations are well equipped and well-trained for national and joint cross-border interventions. Their members are not only volunteers, but working with the NGOs in providing patrolling of the rivers or safety during water based activities, exercises. Both organizations are linked to the national civil protection systems of their countries, working in close cooperation with them, took part in other project which serve as good basis for the cooperation. Their mid-term aim is to reach the international standards and participate in humanitarian movements of UN and European Union.