Profound Exercise

Day 1 – Satu Mare, RO

The timeline of the simulation began on 30 August 2022. According to the main scenario, the scale of the parallel flooding of Danube and Tisa rivers overwhelmed national capacities and therefore required international and cross-border assistance. The Union Civil Protection Mechanism was also triggered asking for international assistance. The request included in-kind assistance and deployment of EU Civil Protection Team.

Parallel to the international mobilization process, local first responders were already working at the sites in Romania. The first day of local operations began on the same day in Satu Mare, with the simulation of flooding of Somes River, endangering the city and its inhabitants. To help local capacities, cross-border assistance arrived from Hungary.

The Satu Mare site was coordinated by members of Multisalva Special Rescue team. They are well-trained volunteers, who carry out activities in numerous rescue fields, providing support to governmental organizations in water rescue, technical and rescue scuba diving, flood response, aerial rescue services. They have been working together with the Sonar Diver and Rescue Team, from Vásárosnamény, Hungary for more than 10 years. Both water rescue organizations are well equipped and well-trained for national and joint cross-border interventions, and linked to the national civil protection systems of their countries.

The daily tasks included dam reinforcement on the shores of Somes river, area search and rescue operations, air reconnaissance using drones, rescue from a building with rope technique, addressing sand boils by putting sandbags around them and pumping activities.

The first day ended with the redeployment of the teams to Vásárosnamény, Hungary for the next day.