Profound Exercise

Day 2 – Brestovec, SK

The cornerstone of the Brestovec scenario was the rupture of the dam on the river Danube, based on the events of 1965, which heavily affected Brestovec and the surroundings. At this location, the cross-border assistance arrived from Hungary. The first and utmost task was the construction of a mobile dam along the river bank for 200 hundred meters.

The hosts of this day’s operations, the Municipality of Brestovec and its volunteer firefighters, are deeply involved in flood response activities with their personnel and equipment. They have an important role to supplement the national capacities, while their local knowledge are often crucial for effective response operations.

As 57 years ago, the greatest task was the evacuation of the affected population: teams had to rescue e.g. pre-schoolers from a building, others from rooftops. With the help of local authorities and humanitarian organizations, a reception area was developed in the local gym where food and water were provided continuously. They had to rescue injured people from the forest, clear trees blocking roads and help the victims of a road accident. As it would in real life, the flood reached nearby farms, so local firefighters were headed to rescue animals as well, protecting the properties with sandbags.

The day ended with the redeployment of the teams to Dunaújváros, Hungary.