Profound Exercise

Day 2 – Vásárosnamény, HU

The flooding was moving quickly along Tisa River, reaching the Upper-Tisa region in Hungary, threatening Jánd and the surroundings. As the day before, local first responders receive help from the other side of the Hungarian-Romanian border.

The host organization Sonar, officially known as the Upper-Tisza Diving and Rescue Association is qualified by national certification directive of Hungary for special rescue operations. Their capabilities are rescue in surface, from caves, from water, from under the water and aerial operations.

At the Vásárosnamény location first responders had to deal with emergency dam construction on Jánd beach, complemented by a mobile dam, aerial reconnaissance and saving lives in a flood-prone area, providing first aid to the affected. The situation escalated and the teams had to rescue a sunken boat.

The day concluded with the redeployment of the teams to Dunaújváros, along the Danube River.