Profound Exercise

Media coverage – Hungary

M1 television channel/ MTVA

MTVA is the national television and radio broadcast company of Hungary. Híradó is MTVA’s news programme, which is broadcasted on its main M1 channel every hour, and repeated also on Duna and Duna World channels.

Híradó / News broadcast on M1 (uploaded to archive)
2 September, 2022

DSTV Dunaújváros Televízió /regional television channel

DSTV Dunaújváros Televízió is a regional media company owned by DS Média Kft, broadcasting news in the Dunaújváros area.

TV coverage, uploaded to YouTube channel and Facebook watch
2 September, 2022

Karc FM radio

Owned by Mediaworks Hungary, Karc FM is one of Hungary’s newest and most modern radio stations. Karc FM broadcasts 24 hours a day in and around Budapest with 1 270 000 people as available listeners the reception area. The radio station is community-oriented, which means that most of the programmes deal with public life and politics in an accessible way.

Spájz – radio interview with Zsolt Kelemen, project director for Profound and president of BFA
2 September, 2022 – Dunaújvárosi Hírportál, owned by Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. is a popular news and entertainment portal for Dunaújváros and the surrounding area, offering visitors a variety of content in a transparent and quick-to-use format. It offers news not only about the region, but also about national and international events, with magazine content, with reader contributions and a strong local forum.

Online article and photo gallery
30 October, 2022

Facebook posts [Dunaújvárosi Hírlap –]
1-2 September, 2022 – Fejér megyei hírportál

Online article
September, 2022

Dunaújváros Online

Dunaújváros regional media company owned by DS Média Kft. together with DSTV Dunaújváros television channel.

Online articles and diverse photo galleries, with YouTube link to DSTV’s broadcast
31 August-9 September, 2022

Print in Dunaújváros weekly newspaper [Dunaújváros közéleti hetilap]
2 September, 2022

Print in Dunaújváros weekly newspaper [Dunaújváros közéleti hetilap]
9 September, 2022

Municipality of Dunaújváros

Facebook posts before and after the exercise
31 August- 5 September, 2022

Hírnavigá is an aggregation site that aims to provide readers with the most important and interesting news. Whether serious news or entertaining articles, offers a wide range of information, from important domestic and foreign news to sports, economy, tabloid, lifestyle, gastronomy and travel, among others.

Link to Dunaújváros Online
3 September, 2022

Website for Disaster Management and Civil Protection Association along the Danube River in the Budapest Area.

Online articles
3-4 September, 2022

Website of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta