Profound Exercise

Profound Exercise

The multiple location-based full-scale field exercise will take place between 30 August – 3 September, 2022 in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. The scenario will simulate parallel flooding in Tisa and Danube rivers, occurring at the same time but in different tributaries and sections.

Main scenario

After heavy snowing in the Carpathians during the winter, March brought rainy spring to the Danube Region. Moreover, early summer arrived with heavy rains again. As a result, parallel flooding threatens Hungary on the two largest rivers. The situation requires all available national assets, but also the assistance of neighbouring countries and the EU.

Various challenges on multiple locations

Budapest | Hungary

Danube | Day 1 – Due to the mostly feared parallel flooding of Danube and Tisa, Hungary decides to request assistance and activate the UCPM. Request for support also initiated at national and local level, based on the existing bilateral agreements. The coordination of the efforts is centralized in Budapest, where part of the city is also flooded.

Brestovec | Slovakia

Danube | Day 2 – The flooding heavily hits the Danube on the Slovakian side of the border as well, where flood protection and high capacity pumping is needed. The events are overwhelming for the local responders since there is a great need for manpower.

Satu Mare | Romania

Somes River, tributary of Tisa | Day 1 – Flooding also starts on the Somes River requiring mainly local response efforts. Due to the heavy rains and landslides, a tank truck crushes over on the riverside and the oil leaks into the water. Bilateral support might be needed.

Vásárosnamény | Hungary

Tisa | Day 2 – The pollution and the flood wave does not stop at the border of Romania and Hungary. The Somes River joins the Tisa River near Vásárosnamény, polluting the Tisa as well. The flooding itself results in the need for evacuation of people, and the region have to face environmental threats as well.

| Hungary

Main location on the Danube | Days 3-5 – The main wave reaches Dunaújváros. Local response capacities are not sufficient, therefore most of the international assistance is needed there. Some buildings are endangered by the flooding, therefore evacuation is needed. In addition, there are injured in need of medical attention. Besides, local people and responders require support from the authorities and humanitarian organizations.